backus carranza law firm

Backus Carranza is a law firm that specializes in construction law, and is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The client wanted to move to a smaller space that was comfortable for the employess, yet still very functional and efficient.

Through the use of line and shape, the space becomes very efficient. The curvilinear lines in the lobby, reception and conference areas not only break up the rectilinear feeling of the space, but mimiques the exterior overhang located in front of the entry. An earthy, desert color pallette is used throughout the space to bring depth, as well as show off the client's mother's artwork.

Backus Carranza Law Firm requested an initial fit plan to find out if they could move from 8,000 square feet to 5,656 square feet. They eliminated one office, a cubicle and a large library area. Once the fit plan worked, the client requested a sche- matic design.

Clerestory windows are installed along the perimeter of the corridor to allow light to travel toward the center of the space.

The main conference has a custom judge's bench designed to match the existing custom conference table. Custom built-in cabinets are designed to house a large screen TV and audio equipment.

Dropped curved soffits located in the reception and conference rooms create a focal point which breaks up the space visually.

The flooring consists of 24x24 carpet tile. Travertine and black granite are used in the Lobby and restrooms as flooring and countertops. Linoleum is used in the break area, computer room and work area.

Work surfaces in the break area, work areas and stations are covered with durable plastic laminate.

A niche for a custom credenza and a resource law library are also included within the space.

Specialized direct/indirect fluourescent lighting is installed in offices and meeting areas, as well as the work area. MR16's are used to highlight pieces of furniture and some artwork.

Client: Backus Carranza Law Firm Las Vegas, Nevada
Space Concept & Design: APTUS/Architecture Las Vegas, Nevada Johanna R. Friendshuh
Lead Project Designer: Johanna R. Friendshuh
FF&E and Finishes: APTUS/Architecture Las Vegas, Nevada
Contractor: RGA & Associates Las Vegas, Nevada
Project Size: 5,656 S.F.
Construction Cost: $500,000