Historic Preservation and Residential

617 Dayton Avenue is a 1916 brick four-square complex that houses five condominiums. It is located within the Woodland Park Historic District of St. Paul, Minnesota. Because the building is located within a historic district, materials and architectural elements cannot be altered or removed.

The client request is for an updated exterior paint scheme that fits within the context of the building's past, the surrounding neighborhood, as well as provide curb appeal.

The concept is to provide a color scheme that is reminiscent of the building's past, and brings out the architectural details so that they can be seen from the street.

The client is mostly concerned with the front entrance, and coordinating it with the cornice and soffit. There is also a concern with using a color scheme that works with the different building materials - wood, brick, metal and stucco.

Finally, the color scheme has to enhance the fine exterior details; not hide them.

The dark brown trim color hides the wonderful cornice and soffit details.

Classic Burgundy is chosen for the main entrance, trim and stucco color based on original paint found on the front entry metal ceiling and columns.

An updated feel is created by applying "Hot Apple Spice" (Light Red) to the soffit and cornice. Accents of Hot Spring Stones (Neutral) and Foothills (Green) are applied to the front entrance details.

Client: 617 Dayton Avenue, Condo Association, St. Paul, Minnesota
Space Concept & Design: Rowley Design Studio, St. Paul, Minnesota
Lead Project Designer: Johanna R. Friendshuh
FF&E and Finishes: Rowley Design Studio, St. Paul, Minnesota
Contractor: Merriam Painters, St. Paul, Minnesota
Project Size: 1,000 S.F.
Construction Cost: $5,000.00