ai cida gallery

In March, 2008, The Art Institute International Minnesota prepared for a Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) candidacy visit. The department needed to find a space outside the school due to size and availability constraints.

  • Locate a space that was cheap-to-free
  • A space that would hold all the student work
  • Provide a private restroom
  • Close adjacencies to the CIDA Team's hotel rooms, the department storage room and AIM.

The concept came about through budget, schedule and skill restraints. Line, shape and form defined the temporary student gallery. The space's industrial look contributed to the "art gallery" feel, and allowed the student work to stand out. The ceiling was open, exposing all the mechanicals, the floor - concrete; the walls - white. The design layout mimicked the mechanical ducts and sprinkler system in the ceiling.


The CIDA Gallery space was broken up into five main areas; first through fourth year showcasing interior design work, and the CIDA Team meeting space. By following the mechanicals located on the ceiling, a simple yet functional circulation space was created.

The temporary walls were built from 8' 25-gage commercial steel studs and screws. This was done for the ease of construction and deconstruction, to meet student skill set and future reusability.


The 8' partition walls were built with 14" wide metal flashing woven through the metal stud to hide the restroom, and the janitor's closet area. The metal flashing was also used as a wall base throughout the entire space.

Donated track lighting was placed above display space.

Student layout space was built from plywood and L-brackets screwed into the wall.

Floor lighting was donated by Artemide Lighting, Meeting table and chairs were donated by Herman Miller. Carpet tile in the meeting space was donated by Shaw Carpet. Students, faculty, staff and friends made up the volunteers.

Client: The Art Institute International Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota
Design Concept: Johanna Friendshuh; Cat Hoa, Student; Terry Lodgson, Student; Jon McCaab, Student
Instructor: Johanna Friendshuh
FF&E and Finishes: Johanna Friendshuh; Shari Kagermeier, Ai Academic Director
Contractor: Johanna Friendshuh
Project Size: 3,200 S.F.
Construction Cost: $2,250.00