The Cutting Room

The Cutting Room is an upscale hair and massage therapy salon located in Henderson, Nevada. The client requested a space that was organic and contemporary, yet functional for both clients and employees. Work space needed to provide storage and circulation space for the hair stylists and massage therapists. The client experience was also very important, especially in trendy Henderson, Nevada.

The client requested many work areas which had to fit within a long, narrow tenant space. Careful and creative planning was required to fit a massage area, hair washing and styling area, reception, sales area, restrooms, break room, laundry, color mix and tint area, and storage.

The salon design is inspired by local desert plantings and tree leaves. The tree leaf's shape and yellow-green color communicates the words ORGANIC, FLOWING, SOOTHING and FLEXIBLE. Through the design process, the walls are pushed and pulled so that it creates an organic feel, yet allows functional movement within the space.

The reception and sales areas are specifically designed so that as a client comes in, the hair washing and styling areas are not immediately visible. The massage area is cocooned behind the reception area so that the treatment rooms are private and very quiet.

All the functional areas, like laundry, storage, color mix and tint area, the office, break area and restrooms are located along the back walls. This allows the public spaces to become part of the architecture, The curved walls add privacy, yet creates an organic transition from one space to another.

The built-in shelving and cabinets throughout the space are designed for maximum storage capacity. The styling booths, computer kiosk stand are designed by Takara Belmont. The yellow couch is designed by J. Friendshuh and Takara Belmont.