mission statement

Rowley Design Studio creates functional yet creative spaces in a responsible manner through technical and conceptual ideas and research that meet the needs and wants of the client, while providing a sense of place.

vision statement

Through the tools of education and practice, Rowley Design Studio will inform the local public about design, how it affects the daily life of the individual, community and their environments in the effort of re-connecting and redefining how people interact with their world.


The design philosophy at RDS can be described as layers of an onion being unpeeled. Design can have so many meanings, and it can be as simple, or as complex as it wants. Keep unpeeling, and you will always find something more.

Design, no matter if the context is clothing, graphics, architecture, or industrial, is subjective and personal; like each individual. Good design reflects the passions and style of that individual. We were all created to look, sound, and act differently – why should our spaces be any different? Good design means working with what you've got, and bringing out your best features.

It is a holistic approach that marries both technical and conceptual elements to form a complete idea.